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Re: PCMCIA troubles

Michael St. Laurent wrote:
Sam Varshavchik <mailto:mrsam courier-mta com> wrote:

I installed Fedora Core 2 Test 1 and cannot use my PCMCIA cards.  If
I try to do a "service pcmcia start" I get:

Starting PCMCIA services: cardmgr[4183]: no sockets found!

I can't use my NIC to download any updates becuase it's the card I'm
trying to use!

Help! ;-)

Well, you can start by posting what exactly your NIC card is.

Run dump_cis, and create a Bugzilla bug accordingly.

Okay, my NIC is a 3com 3C3FEM556C and it is currently inserted.  When I do a
"dump_cis" I get:

open(): No such device

This is related to the pcmcia init script detecting that one of the two modules for pcmcia being loaded, and the second not loading because the first is detected.

Stopping pcmcia, then modprobe yenta_socket, then starting pcmcia usually fixes the problem.


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