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system-config-httpd seem to not be working

On a fresh install from a development mirror, the system-config-httpd
seems to not be working.  As either root or non-root user, the
appropriate passwords are collected from userhelper, but no GUI or
editor opens up.  Running from the command line doesn't produce any
errors (or any oputput other than userhelper) and no messages appear in
the system logs.

K6-2 @333MHz
320MB system RAM
640MB swap
GNOME and KDE installed
Development installed
HTTPD installed
("almost" everything installed)

A quick bugzilla query for system-config-httpd bugs return nothing. Does
anyone else see this problem, or should I enter a bug?

Gregory G. "Wolfe" Woodbury      `-_-'    Owner/Admin: wolves.durham.nc.us
ggw at wolves.durham.nc.us         U     RHCT August 2003
"The Line Eater is a boojum snark."     Hug your wolf.

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