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Re: Lets take the worst of windows and make it the unchangeabledefault of linux

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 00:06, Z wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 14:56, Douglas Furlong wrote:
> > I thought one of the main points of these test releases was to allow the
> > developers to get feedback on bugs.
> > Obviously they will want the default's to be tested most regerously, especially
> > if the default has changed substantially.
> > So to me it would make a bit of sense to force it apon a tester (I think this is
> Well, but no one can do that. I can't be forced. I won't use it. A lot
> of people won't use it either. 

I fear you have missed my point, at the moment Alex is not looking to
force any user to use the "spacial model" he is looking to force us as
voluntary "testers" to use the spacial model as that is what they want
to be the default, for future users.
Our job (for lack of a better word) is to do this testing, if not why
did you download it at all? Purely for selfish reasons? Or to give back
some thing (I.E. in this case testing).

> If I cared for nautilus enough, I'd make
> a patch myself, but with all the other annoyances (MIME screwups,
> ask-before-move file, etc), I'd be more compelled to just drop it. It
> seems that the disk mounts lines on the context menu are gone, too. I
> loved that, it was way better than freaking magicdev. It seems that all
> the features that I use will be gone, replaced by behaviour that I don't
> want. Every time I do an install I spend an ungodly amount of time
> customizing nautilus. It used to be just a few changes to get it nice
> and pretty, now it's a bunch to make it _usable_, and I still can't get
> the damn thing to behave the way I _want_.
> > an important distintion, we are no longer clear cutter users), when I
> > challenged Alex on this point he confirmed that later on there will be a
> > *hidden* option to set the browse mode as the default.
> > He also explained breifly (off list) why having a more accesible option is some
> > thing he feel's can lead to one hell of a nightmare. I don't compleately agree
> I can't see how this can possibly be, because the current version is
> configurable.

The "spacial" model is the method they wish to use going forward, that
means the browse methods development (unless picked up by other
developers), will become depreciated, and no longer maintained.

Unfortunately you and I are going to have to accept this fact (even if
you go to KDE, you still have to accept it or resent it, resentment
would just be silly).

I don't think this should really be discussed too much more on this
list. The depreciation of browse mode has been decided by GNOME not
redhat, even if there are people on this list able to make the change,
it is not the appropriate place to try and change their mind (which
isn't going to work any way).

Thats all from me.


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