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Re: fedora-test-list digest, Vol 1 #558 - 35 msgs


Discussion about Nautilus should be in GNOME ML or #gnome, #nautilus on
irc.gimp.net for example.

the rationnal behind preferences in gnome is to remove anything not
useful to do a useful desktop environment.  not to allow to configure

it's radical. it's necessary.

gconf-editor is not a hacky tools and it's _NOT_ the windows registry
(gconf is nothing at all like the registry).  it's a kind of "expert"
tools.  it could be more explained,  when you will use gnome 2.6 you
will see mostly all gconf keys are documented (in english only) in
gconf-editor itself.

gnome can evolve and add some preferences but it has to be DEBATED
before. because preferences creates complications for users,  it creates
bugs and demands more testing.   gnome (as be kde) is no more geek toys
project (as linux ou samba for example too) , all that project has a
definite goal, rationnal behind and process to accept changes.

I mostly thinks  desktop settings has to be kept to a _minimal_ number
of choices.  not a problem if some people would like different
interface,  the main goal is to create a working efficient easy nice
desktop gui.   there are KDE , XFCE, even windowmaker/Blackbox/
enlightenment and others for OTHER CHOICES.

and, it's not like gnome is frozen and nautilus so bad. you can change
some hacky things thanks to gconf (by gconf-editor or a vi on the ~/.
gconf/apps/nautilus/*.xml files )

I think soon "gnome control-center" will add possibility to configure
"the desktop". "default mode : navigational/spatial" 

the main problem : "what means navigational ? spatial ? huuh?" , for you
and me , it's probably simple and well known, but for others people not
fond of computers, only wanting to work and run away ?  it's not that
simple. it demands consideration,  nice explanation, a full of
translation and work to add choice.

spatial mode is a radical change, maybe too hard to be "default", I
think , but it was used because of many features/problems requested by
users about the navigational mode (not everyone understand "navigation")
and need of volumes managements.  it's not completely madness.  

but there are a need to a better debate. so ,go on on gnome ML.  fedora
ML is not the good place. 

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