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Re: fedora-test-list digest, Vol 1 #558 - 35 msgs

> Discussion about Nautilus should be in GNOME ML or #gnome, #nautilus on
> irc.gimp.net for example.

You have a point, however I think this discussion has at least some place
on this list. That is because Fedora deliveres a complete OS. Including a
functional desktop. People install or update Fedora, log in to GNOME and
discover that their filemanager is not doing the same as they were used
to. So perhaps the discussion should not focus on whether or not to use
spatial as default in _gnome_, but if Fedora should follow upstream in
this or should change the default behaviour (or let the user choose in a
simple and/or obvious way).

> it's radical. it's necessary.

Perhaps, but users tend to be conservative about these things. For a
testing environment this would be ok. But not for a final release of
Fedora. A lot of users will be upset about this. Not because they think
browse or spatial is superiour to the other, but because things are not
working the way they were used to.

> gconf-editor is not a hacky tools and it's _NOT_ the windows registry
> (gconf is nothing at all like the registry).  it's a kind of "expert"
> tools.  it could be more explained,  when you will use gnome 2.6 you
> will see mostly all gconf keys are documented (in english only) in
> gconf-editor itself.

As I said before; normal Fedora users will be upset when things are
behaving different from what they are used to. They might want to get
their familiar browse mode back. Forcing them to use gconf-editor (indeed
an "expert" tool) is not good idea.

As you noted: in the future there might be a setting in control-center or
a preference setting for this. But Fedora has to make a choice here;
follow the default upstream, or change the default from spatial back to
browse, and not ship Fedora Core 2 with spatial with no obvious way for
users to get back to browse mode as their default. When a preference
setting or another obvious way is implemented to switch betweens modes
then Fedora could decide to follow upstream again, and go with the spatial
mode as the default.

> fond of computers, only wanting to work and run away ?  it's not that
> simple. it demands consideration,  nice explanation, a full of
> translation and work to add choice.

The more reason why Fedora should _not_ ship with the default GNOME
Nautilus setting of spatial mode.

Alexander Brinkman.

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