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Re: Fedora64: sil3512a and rtl8110s

On Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 11:07:37AM +0900, Maxim Sorokin wrote:
> I have the system.
> AMD Athlon64 3000+
> Motherboard GIGABYTE K8N Pro + nForce3
> 200Gb HDD on SerialATA - Sil3512 (non RAID mode for a while)
I happen to have this same board, so it is fairly well tested. For the fc1
test1,you will need to boot with acpi=off (note the update kernel does not
require this, and the release kernel will not either.

> - System can't fully detect nForce3 and wrote (smth like "not fully 
> copliant nForce2 chipset detected") - does FC64 support nForce3?
Yes, NForce 3 is supported, is this the exact message you see?
NFORCE3: not 100%% native mode: will probe irqs later

Not an issue, this chipset is well suppported,there is an IO-apic issue
which is worked around in the errata, and was fixed in mainline 2.6.3

> - System can't detect SATA and hangs on the step of loading anaconda, 
> untill I downloded drivers for sil3512 (AKA sil3112 for RH9) - and try 
> to install with option "linux dd". But even those drivers system can't 
> recognize.
The SATA controller is not supported under FC1 at this time. or FC2 yet.

> - Third thing is - problem with RTL8110s - I was trying to load rtl8965 
> drivers (as copliant) - but it doesn't work...
The correct driver to load is r8169, and it should automatically configure
this on install. That driver is included in the kernel.
> Has somebody expirience with it? Any solutions/recommendations?
Unfortunately the SATA wont work for now, but everything else should be
fine on this board.


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