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Bad up2date responsivness. Update up2date first.

I have few suggestions while all hell is hitting the fan.  Let me know if I
should bugzilla this gang:

1. up2date is very unresponsive, especially the more updates that are
available.  There's not really a spinning icon or some other progress meter
to let you know the thing is working.  Instead the window freezes up and X
doesn't refresh its window contents if you put another window over it.

2. If up2date finds that there is a new rpm and up2date pacakges out there,
then it should highly advised the user to install those first, relauch
up2date and continue with the rest of the updates.  This is what I do
manually anyway for sanity reasons.   I understand that if a packages
requires the new rpm version, then rpm will be installed higher in the
queue - but all in the same batch.   I'm just saying that if up2date was
improved in perforance or data protection or anything, then it how be wise
to do the rest of the batch updates under that new up2date from the get-go.

-Eric Wood

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