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Testers Required for Next Generation Input Method

The Fedora Project will be adopting a revolutionary new Input Method 
system in the upcoming release of the Fedora Core 2. We would like to 
extend an invitation at this time to East Asian users in particular to 
test this preliminary release and provide us with feedback so we can 
improve the software and ensure that the Input Methods will be easier, 
more efficient and pleasant to use.

Intranet/Internet Input Method Framework (IIIMF) is the next generation 
Input Method Framework set to replace the legacy X Window System Input 
Method (XIM) used by existing Input Methods such as chinput, xcin, 
kinput2, ami and many others. As the technology is still at its infancy, 
wider testing effort by community is needed to expediate the maturity of 
the technology.

IIIMF server loads Language Engines (LE) dynamically at runtime as 
requested by clients. In this first round of testing, four LEs are 
    + iiimf-le-inpinyin for Simplified Chinese (zh_CN.UTF-8)
    + iiimf-le-xcin for Traditional Chinese (zh_TW.UTF-8)
    + iiimf-le-canna for Japanese (ja_JP.UTF-8)
    + iiimf-le-hangul for Korean (ko_KR.UTF-8)

If you wish to participate in this first round of testing, a Testing Guide 
is now available at <URL>. It will give you the necessary information in 
setting up the IIIMF and using the LE specific to your locale. 

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Best Regards,
Fedora I18N Team

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