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Re: Can't yum update - Incorrect location of kernel-source-0-2.6.2-1.87.i386.hdr

Brian Krahmer wrote:
I don't know much about the update process, but when I do a yum update (with
baseurl specified as
h, it's failing from both locations because of the aforementioned package.
Snooping around in ftp, I find that header in
ftp://limestone.uoregon.edu/fedora/development/headers.  I can only assume
there is a typo in a file somewhere...  Can anybody fix this?


The headers that are straight into the development directory will work until you get to a noarch rpm. (I found out from my own mistakes using this headers directory)

I really don't understand the need to use the $basearch in the url. I usually just use i386 instead and it works fine. I don't see this machine changing to any other type archetecture, so why not use the simple 4 characters instead?

I checked the mirror you mentioned above and the headers directory was also located within the

Using this link should work fine.

I am assuming you have an i686 machine.


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