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Re: setting 1280x800 for widescreen notebook

On Feb 17, 2004, Matteo Porta <mporta mail vu> wrote:
> hello, I'm using a notebook with a widescreen (native
> resolution is 1280x800). how can I set this resolution ?
> the only resolutions I'm able to use are 1024x768 and
> below (I'm using the vesa driver, since the ati radeon
> 9200 mobility seems not supported).

Download ATI drivers for linux from their site (dont select Mobile, select Graphic Driver and any Radeon serie).
There versions of drivers for different versions of XFree86 (I hope you know which you run).
Install using their instructions (save your current XF86Config, just in case... =) ).

Add(change) Screen section in your XF86Config

Section "Screen"
Identifier "Your Screen identifier"
Device "Name of your ATI device entry in confg file"
Monitor "Name of your monitor entry in config file"
DefaultDepth 24

Subsection "Display"
Depth 24
Virtual 1280 800

You can try to play with common "Modes", but for me with Radeon Mobility 9600 it doesn't work at all.
Maybe you 'll get lucky with 9200.


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