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Re: Include k3b in Fedora Core 2?

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On Saturday 21 February 2004 11:45, Michael Opdenacker wrote:

> space, I think that k3b deserves to be part of the release more than
> xcdroast and gtoaster.
> Users would love the change!
>     What do you think?

K3B is not only more beautiful but has more features.  It looks and acts like 
an expensive Windows-world burning app, and it works fine for me (by chance I 
am using it right now).  If its not too late it would be great to include it, 
otherwise I hope it is considered for the next release.

I don't want to be some kind of KDE troll, I have no connection to the project 
other than a happy user, but it seems to me there is a general trend that KDE 
apps are on the whole doing better than their Gnome counterparts.  I hope 
this will get recognized in Fedora and it won't be a case of Give Us Gnome Or 
Give Us Death.

- -Andy

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