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Re: Include k3b in Fedora Core 2?

Thanks Shrek!

Actually, I first tried to report this through Bugzilla, but I didn't find an appropriate component name. Most component names are packages already in the distribution.

I've just found the "distribution" component which is already in use for package requests.

So, I'll file this in Bugzilla.

Thanks again!



Andy Green wrote:

K3B is not only more beautiful but has more features. It looks and acts like an expensive Windows-world burning app, and it works fine for me (by chance I am using it right now). If its not too late it would be great to include it, otherwise I hope it is considered for the next release.

I don't want to be some kind of KDE troll, I have no connection to the project other than a happy user, but it seems to me there is a general trend that KDE apps are on the whole doing better than their Gnome counterparts. I hope this will get recognized in Fedora and it won't be a case of Give Us Gnome Or Give Us Death.




Michael Opdenacker

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