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FC2, SMP kernel, NIC not working

Given the number of CC's on this report 
and the comments on the mailing list, I have to assume that few, if any, are 
see the problem I see with NIC drivers on the FC2 SMP kernel.

So may main question is:  Is anyone seeing this problem?

Does anyone with a P-4 and hyperthreading (uses the smp kernel) having 
problems with NIC drivers?

NICs tried:  Linksys NC100 with tulip driver (dual P-III)
                 Netgear GA311 with r8169 driver (dual P-III)
	 	 3Com 3C940 with sk98lin driver (single Opteron 140)
		 Intel Ethernet Pro 100 with e100 driver (dual athlon)
Software: FC2 with all available up and smp kernels

Systems:  dual P-III, dual Athlon, Opteron 140

Works: Opteron 140 with 3C940, dual athlon with Intel Ethernet Pro 100 (smp 
kernel), both Linksys and Netgear NICs on dual P-III with UP kernel

Fails:  dual P-III with SMP kernel and both NICs (Linksys or Netgear)

Failure -- "Destination host unreachable"

Comments???  ... pro, con, suggestions, whatever

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