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Re: kernel 2.6.3-2.1.196 - (mice or mouse)

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
On Feb 21, 2004, "alton bailey" <ojgbagg27ab msn com> wrote:

I upgrade my kernel yesterday and reboot my System running FC2 Test1 and I got a message stating ( I cannot start X Server your graphical interface it seem the pointing device your mouse is not setup correctly) how can I resolve this problem or do I have to use the kernel that works with my mice

Search for one of the dozen threads about /dev/input/mice in the past
few days.

BTW, if you're running FC, why are you using 2.1.196 instead of the
kernel from the Fedora development tree?

I was wondering why there were two instances to add information for the mouse. I realize that by the comments that it is for multiple mice configuration. (Laptop keypad and maybe a ps2 or usb external mouse.)

Since the second instance pointed to "/dev/input/mice" and the first one pointed to now no longer valid "/dev/psaux" for ps2.
Why are they both still present? I thought from reading mailing lists that the new "/dev/input/mice" worked for multiple devices already. (especially with the plural used)

Anyway, I changed mine to both point to /dev/input/mice and X is working fine with the two identical entries. Is this first entry intended to point to /dev/mouse, which is symlinked and changed by kudzu or whatever?

I didn't see the use of symlinking "/dev/mouse" to "/dev/input/mouse", just in case kudzu had some strange ideas as to what to change the link to.


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