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Re: yum.conf that works

Rick Johnson wrote:

I imagine come FC2 Test 2 or 3, they may split the updates to updates/test/1.91 or something like that in order to provide us with a more stable testing ground.

i am sure that test2 will be more stable than test1

nobody tells you that you must have a fully rawhide system while testing.
i am surely no hardcore-tester or bug-hunter and i update only the packages i really need or i will test.
--> my test1 is relative stable and i have not the time to solve the evtl. bad surprises after a fully rawhide update

and please,
do not add unnecessary directories, symlinks, url-redirections, announcements for test or rawhide,
the development is fast and the schedule is aggressive.

but i have the feeling that redhat had sometimes lost the overview over all the directories, symlinks, url-redirections, schedule from testing to upates and announcement here and announcement there, ...

it should imho be enough that we get a test1|2|3 and the updates via rawhide

-- shrek-m

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