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Re: First impressions FC2-test1

Quoting PatrickM <patrickm myway com>:

> Hello everybody,
> Yesterday I downloaded and installed FC2 test 1.
> Here are my first impressions... And yes, I do realise it's a first test so
> nothing is final or should be fixed in next version(s). I'm just trying to be
> positive critical (and it's not always easy when English isn't your native
> language). I'm really curious if others experienced it like me...
> For your information, the computer used/specifications:
> Compac Ipaq, pentium 3, 733mHz, 256 MB, Intel810/AC'97 integrated
> videocard/soundcard. I've been using this machine to "fool" around with other
> Linux distro's. Also FC1 was on it and everything worked without any flaw!
> 1) No sound during the installation: the soundcard-test didn't produce any
> sound. Haven't gotten around to play mp3 or ogg files yet. 

I am not sure about this, but it may be due to the default volume level that
ALSA has set, there has been loads of discussions about this, but I am not sure
how much has come from it.

You need to start up the ALSA mixer (not sure the command) and unmute the

The best suggestion so far, has been to have the volume icon in the bottom right
with a big red cross through it, so that when people start their desktop they
can see that some thing is wrong. However I am not sure if that will be
implemented or not.
> 2) When the Gnome desktop appeared, the "Computer" icon added looked nice,
> but what I don't get is what the use is of all those additional windows when
> double clicking on Computer/Filesystem... And why are the buttons from each
> window gone? Now everytime I want to open a directory, a new window pops up..
> (looks a bit like the setting Win'95 had).

This is a personal pet hate, check out the thread,
http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2004-February/msg00813.html it
has been discussed to death.
Unfotunately this is the new default view, if you want the old "browse" view,
then right click on the icon on the desktop and select browse. You can also do
this on any of the folders within the new "spacial view".
If you read the thread, comments by Alexander should be quite informative on
what you can do to try and improve the use of this new interface.

> 3) Fstab is hard to open when using Gedit: I wanted to set up NFS so I could
> access my server, but when selecting "Open File" within Gedit, I first had to
> go through several steps (like which type of file I would like to open, is it
> a text-file or "all files") before I finally made it to etc/fstab.

There have been several comments about mime types not being set correctly. all I
can suggest is make sure you have applied all the updates, as I beleive some of
them may have been fixed.

> 4) During the boot of the system, I got a "starting cpuspeed" error:
> "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor ... No such file or
> directory". Hopefully this message is usefull, but it's abacadabra to me.

As some one else has commented, you need to check the info/man pages for this.
Check out /etc/cpufreq.conf and you will see where you can configure this.

This has some nice comments on it.


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