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Re: Testing test releases: do not update (was: yum.conf that works)

Axel Thimm said:

> I would think the reason to have a test release is to have a well
> defined point in development time to test against. If you point your
> package resolvers to development/rawhide, then that's what you will be
> testing instead.
> E.g. if you want to have FC2test1 installed and tested, file bug
> reports etc., then do not update. Or if you do, probably you should
> not file bugs against FC2test1 anymore (but FC devel), as the set of
> bugs will already be different.

The point you are missing is that FC2test2 will just be another snapshot
from FC devel.  If everyone is running FC2test1 and not updating then
FC2test2 will come out basically untested.  This is not what we want.

My experience from the Severn beta says that "test" releases are expected
to be updated from Rawhide (devel) so that:

- Everyone doesn't keep reporting bugs that have been fixed
- Everyone can test what will become Test2

William Hooper

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