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Re: Include k3b in Fedora Core 2?

Michael Schwendt wrote:

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004 12:45:25 +0100, Michael Opdenacker wrote:

I'm surprised that k3b did not make its way to Fedora Core 2 test 1. I know where I can get the rpms from, but I would like it to be shipped in the FC isos and installed by default.

Contrary to xcdroast and gtoaster, k3b is (at last) a very easy to use cd burning interface. In addition, it looks very stable and I never had significant issues with it. In addition, its development team is still active (I don't see much going on with the other 2).

So, is it too late to add k3b to Fedora Core 2? If there's a lack of space, I think that k3b deserves to be part of the release more than xcdroast and gtoaster.

Users would love the change!

What do you think?

If anyone wants to help me get the k3b 0.11.4 update for fedora.us approved and published, that would be much appreciated:


It builds fine on FC 1 and FC 1.90 and works with both KDE and GNOME.

Is there an option to build without k3bsetup2 so that gnome users don't have to install the KDEbase package?

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