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Re: Testing test releases: do not update

Robert P. J. Day said:

> from what i've read so far, the consensus is that testers are encouraged
> to update against rawhide and to file bug reports on all of those updates.
> i think that's a silly idea.  it's silly because rawhide is defined as the
> repository for the latest, greatest, still-wet releases of software that
> have absolutely no guarantee of working and, IMHO, it's does a disservice
> to testers to ask for their time to test, and then give them what is
> essentially a moving target.

By definition Test releases are snapshots of Rawhide.  During the testing
phase Rawhide is expected to be working (IE it has to be working to
produce Test2).  Your view of Rawhide as "still-wet" is correct for the
time between FC2 and FC3test1.

Again, if you don't do testing against the fixes that are posted in
Rawhide, Test2 just comes out broken in "new and interesting ways"(tm) and
we would never get to the level of a release.  The goal is to make each
Test release tested more than the last, not start over every Test.

William Hooper

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