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Re: 2.6 Kernel (NUMA) and Fedora Development

On Sat, Feb 21, 2004 at 11:20:54PM -0600, Wayne Frazee wrote:

[please wrap your lines at 80 columns]

 > I have a few questions this evening for the Fedora test list. If they have
 > been asked before then I could not find them, please show forgiveness and do
 > not throw random nasty objects at me....
 > 1) Has anyone had the opportunity to do some rough benchmarking of FC2-T1
 > (or any linux flavor with 2.6 integration) on 8+ processor systems with NUMA
 > extensions in use?  Is there any real apples-to-apples comparison to draw it
 > up against?  If so, what sort of platform would be the best comparison?  I
 > understand that the test 1 platform is still quite early and that the
 > technology is certainly to be optimized in the process of maturation in the
 > course of future kernel version but some early numbers would be nice.

performance benchmarking at this stage is pretty much pointless,
as the current test kernels are loaded with dozens of debugging
features to catch any problems early-on.  These won't get disabled
until test3 at the earliest.

 > 2) Thanks to some of my consulting work that I do on the side, I recently
 > had the opportunity to do some work and testing with Red Hat Enterprise
 > Linux with a variety of hardware configurations.  To my surprise, when
 > attempting to load RHEL WS 2.1 (update 3) onto a legacy notebook computer, I
 > was presented with a message from anaconda that the i586 architechture was
 > no longer support and that RHEL WS required i686.  Will fedora continue to
 > support legacy architectures?  

586 class machines will continue to be supported for FC2, though test1
is broken on these CPUs due to a last minute screwup on our part.
test2 should have this fixed.


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