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/sbin not in path

Hello all-

I did not see an answer to this in the archives, so if it is a stupid question, I apologize in advance.

I just did a clean install of FC2 Test 1, formatting my drive in advance. I chose all the default options during the install. Once I booted up to the desktop, I did not have any network connectivity (although the internet/network worked fine with FC1). I popped open a terminal window and typed


To check if I was obtaining an IP address. I received a message that the command "ifconfig" could not be found. After doing some troubleshooting, I found that /sbin was not part of my default path. If I manually move to the /sbin directory and run ./ifconfig, it works fine. If export the /sbin directory to my path, it works fine.

My question is... Is the omission of the /sbin directory in the default path an error, or is something messed up with my installation? As far as I recall, ifconfig worked just fine in FC1

Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks a million,


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