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Weirdness after up2date on FC2test1

FC2 test1 was working reasonably well on my test box, until I used
up2date to update all packages. Test box is a very old system:
P II 350 MHz, 256 MB memory, 

A couple of things I noticed:

1) the new kernel (2.6.3-1.97) does not become the default in grub

2) kudzu thinks the keyboard is a new piece of hardware (AT Translated
   Set 2 keyboard)
   No big deal, just weird.

3) after this upgrade, the graphical boot is gone, and so is X
   when starting X the screen will go blank a couple of times and then a
   text mode dialog will pop up stating that the mouse is not set up
   correctly. it offers to run the mouse configuration utility, and this
   utility offers the correct mouse type (generic wheel mouse PS/2)
   but reconfiguration doesn't help, still no X. Which is correct in a
   way, since the gpm service is not running.
   However, the gpm init script gives a green OK when starting.

4) During the boot sequence, I get a message about firstboot already
   having run on this machine with an explanation how to rerun it if you
   (NOTE: /etc/sysconfig/firstboot contains the one line:
   but this seems to be ignored in this kernel)

5) When sshd is starting, an error appears:
/sbin/ifup: configuration for sit0 not found.
Usage: ifup <device name>
(well, I can believe the configuration is not found, I only have the lo
and eth0 interfaces configured)
However, sshd is running despite this error
If I'm not mistaken, sit0 is a UPv6 tunnel interface. Is IPv6 mandatory
in kernel 2.6.3 ?

Rebooting back in the 2.6.1-1.65 kernel, X and rhgb are working correctly.
Kudzu thinks the "AT Translated set 2 keyboard" has been removed, and
when removing the configuration, the next screen says the exact same
type of keyboard has been added. 
Again, no big deal, just more weirdness.
Also, the firstboot and sshd messages are gone, and gpm is working 

So, all of the new weird problems seem to be triggered/caused by the
2.6.3 kernel. Any additional configuration required to get this new
kernel to run.

David Jansen

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