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Re: [: too many arguments

Harry Putnam wrote:
Marcus Schuetz <biped comcast net> writes:

Recently I noticed getting the message "[: too many arguments" when I
use a terminal under gnome (gnome-terminal or aterm) when using
external (not shell) commands (less, etc.). I tried several shells
(bash, tcsh, zsh) and I get this with all of them. I had no luck
tracking down the origin of this message. Anybody else seeing this?
How about a solution?

It wasn't clear to me what you mean by `when I use'.  Do you mean when
you start a terminal?

Can you explain exaclty what you do that brings on the error message please?

It's the first output I see when starting a terminal may it be gnome-terminal, xterm or aterm. I also see it whenever I call less:

[: too many arguments
marcus has logged on :0 from local.
root has logged on pts/0 from :0.0.
marcus has logged on pts/1 from :0.0.
[(20:18) :: HAL9001 :: ~]>  less blah.txt
[: too many arguments
blah.txt: No such file or directory
Exit 1
[(20:18) :: HAL9001 :: ~]>


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