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Re: color in man pages and less etc

Marcus Schuetz <biped comcast net> writes:

> Harry Putnam wrote:
>> I've run FC1 for a while but more rh9 recently.  I'm used to a certain
>> set of colors present when viewing man pages in black xterm.
>> My fresh intall of FC2 shows a combination of colors in black xterm
>> that are not good for me.  I see them elsewhere too.  In less, at the
>> prompt in ncftp.  The worst offender is a `bold' blue that nearly
>> disappears on a black background.
>> Wracking my feeble brain, I don't remember where this kind of stuff
>> is
>> set or changed.  Do I have to meddle with termcap?  Or something else?
> Take a look at /etc/DIR_COLORS and /etc/DIR_COLORS.xterm

For clarity here... I'm missing whatever I was supposed to see in
those files.  But I thought those files controlled the behavior of the
color aspect of `ls'.  I've used a custom ~/.dir_colors for years, not
liking the defaults in /etc/DIR_COLORS

Where I'm seeing a problem is not with the way `ls' output is displayed.

I see man pages in colors that do not work well in black xterms.
Also escpe sequences in vim.

Are you saying DIR_COLORS* can change that.... If so, how is this

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