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Re: color in man pages and less etc

Tom Diehl <tdiehl rogueind com> writes:

> On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Harry Putnam wrote:
>> Marcus Schuetz <biped comcast net> writes:
>> > Harry Putnam wrote:
>> >> I've run FC1 for a while but more rh9 recently.  I'm used to a certain
>> >> set of colors present when viewing man pages in black xterm.
>> >> My fresh intall of FC2 shows a combination of colors in black xterm
>> >> that are not good for me.  I see them elsewhere too.  In less, at the
>> >> prompt in ncftp.  The worst offender is a `bold' blue that nearly
>> >> disappears on a black background.
>> >> Wracking my feeble brain, I don't remember where this kind of stuff
>> >> is
>> >> set or changed.  Do I have to meddle with termcap?  Or something else?
>> >>
>> > Take a look at /etc/DIR_COLORS and /etc/DIR_COLORS.xterm
>> >
>> For clarity here... I'm missing whatever I was supposed to see in
>> those files.  But I thought those files controlled the behavior of the
>> color aspect of `ls'.  I've used a custom ~/.dir_colors for years, not
>> liking the defaults in /etc/DIR_COLORS
>> Where I'm seeing a problem is not with the way `ls' output is displayed.
>> I see man pages in colors that do not work well in black xterms.
>> Also escpe sequences in vim.
> I cannot speak for the rest of your problems but in vim do 
> ":set background=dark" and you should be able to see again. :-)
> You can put it in your .vimrc if you want.

Maybe I wasn't clear... I've had a vimrc of long standing especially so
my syn coloring works on dark.   What I said about vim is that I see
escape sequences ... setting `dark' won't help that.

Something more general is going on... maybe termcap or something that
is causing me to see unwanted colors in man pages (on dark xterm), to
see escape sequences where they should not be in vim.

I've just completed a full update to the newest packages in rawhide
including a jump from 2.4 2.6.3 kernel and now the escape sequence
thing seems worse.

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