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Re: madwifi

Sorry for continuing the top-post :-/

I've been trying to get madwifi working as well. I've discovered that there's a Makefile patch which seems to resolve the dependancy of the vmlinux being present within the build folder by converting the Makefile to use the built-in kernel tools vs. hacked together tools. However - the resulting driver will constantly segfault when it attempts to load.

Note the patch here:

In the past, I attempted to build a vmlinux and then compile the driver, however the driver did not load. This was probably 2 weeks ago, however, and the CVS version has probably since been updated.

Given that someone w/ the same 802.11g card has gotten it to work, there is some hope yet.


Paul Bender wrote:

I have been using the CVS version of the driver with 2.6 for awhile, and it appears to work fine. However, it does require vmlinux in order to complete its compilation process.

When the kernel is built, vmlinux is created. I believe that the Fedora 2.6 kernel RPMs package vmlinux in the kernel-debuginfo RPM. Therefore, you can get vmlinux for your running kernel by rebuilding the kernel using the kernel-source RPM with the kernel config file in the boot directory, or by installing the kernel-debuginfo RPM.

Personally, I have been rebuilding the kernel from the kernel-source RPM, since kernel-debuginfo is so large.

Satish Balay wrote:

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Parrish M Myers wrote:


I've been searching all over the internet and can't seem to get the
madwifi driver for my DWL-G650 wifi card to compile. Has anyone had
success compiling the cvs version of madwifi under Core 2 test 1? Everytime I try the build process complains about not finding
'/lib/modules/2.6.3-1.96/build/vmlinux'... Is this not included with
the kernel source? Isin't this driver suppose to work with a 2.6

I've attempted it - but encountered similar errors. I suspect madwif needs some updates to work with 2.6

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