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Evolution dog slow


In all other internet activities, my cable modem connection (512Kb) is
nice and fast. Except for email. That's not quite right...

It's Evolution. If I use sylpheed, I can suck down the 400+ messages a
day I get in a minute or so (even using SA, it doesn't increase much).
The processor usage hardly blips. Using Ev, 400 messages can take upto
an hour (sometimes more), require a couple of restarts (it enjoys
hanging around message 12 - even if there is only 13 of them!) and even
then someone of the pgp encrypted messages are broken (a normal email
from a friend is fine, add an attachment and the pgp sig is broken). CPU
usage hits 100%

Under the FC1 version, Ev was a usable speed (I use it at work and on my
laptop). 2.5.4 is dog slow.

Any ideas what is going on or how I can do a trace so I can file a
bugzilla report?



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