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Re: AMD64-based Laptop ~ Keyboard Unresponsive in Installer

"Network attached keyboard" ??

FYI - the keyboard problem seems to be resolved with 2.6.3 - the built in keyboard on the M6805 (and most likely M6807 as well, although I don't have one to test on) works fine with 2.6.3 all of the sudden. Nothing in the changelog indicated any changes to the keyboard code, so it was probably a fix related to interrupts or something else low-level.


Justin M. Forbes wrote:

On Tue, Feb 24, 2004 at 09:46:58AM -0500, Keith Tingle wrote:

pc_keyb: controller jammed (0x19)
and after that the keyboard is unresponsive, as if its been turned off

Use an external network attached keyboard. Once installation is done, they keyboard will be functional as soon as the usb modules load. You will also need either the latest XFree86 RPMS (I have not tested yet), or to download and build the latest XFree release candidate.


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