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Re: AMD64-based Laptop ~ Keyboard Unresponsive in Installer

A USB keyboard will work for the install ; after that, the built in keyboard works. Use "acpi=off" on the command line when installing.


Keith Tingle wrote:

Hello I have recently acquired an eMachines M6807 laptop. Its a pretty
spiffy Athlon64 3000+ Mobile-based notebook with ATI 9600 Mobility video. I
am attempting to install Fedora x86_64 Core 1 Test on the system and have
hit a small roadblock.
The laptop's keyboard is not recognized by the installer. I am able to type
parameters into the LILO boot: prompt, but once the installer fires up I get
the following line a few times during initialization:
pc_keyb: controller jammed (0x19)
and after that the keyboard is unresponsive, as if its been turned off
Any assistance with this issue would be much appreciated, I have tried
several combinations of kernel options but without much luck or knowledge of
what exactly I am attempting to do :|.
Thanks in advance.

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