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Re: amd64 Fedora Core

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 12:50, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Gene C. wrote:
> >1. With limited developer resources and FC2 test2 about two
> >weeks away (it will have a x86_64 snapshot with needed i386
> >packages), the better option is to put the resources into
> >getting FC2 "right".  With the test1 snapshot as a base and all
> >of the package updates in development, the x86_64 versions
> >should be in pretty good shape.  Furthermore, the Red Hat build
> >process is set up to handle x86_64 builds for development (and
> >FC2 Test2) whereas x86_64 updated packages are few and far
> >between.  When the test2 snapshot rolls out, x86_64 updates will
> >be available as a matter of course (or at least that is the
> >plan).
> All RPM packages are built on all 7 architectures, both in Fedora 
> Core 1, and Fedora Core 2, so from that angle, it doesn't make 
> any more work than we already have, to produce AMD64 packages.
> There is some overhead involved with producing updates, but 
> _only_ if they are AMD64 specific updates.  If they were updates 
> for x86 anyway, releasing for both x86 and AMD64 shouldn't really 
> pose additional effort.

it would be nice if FC1 updates were pushed to the mirrors.  why isn't
this happening now, if the updates are already being built?  

will FC1 updates for x86_64 be pushed when FC1 for x86_64 final is



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