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Re: Help: AMD64 System with Adaptec 29xxx U320 SCSI

Matthew E Glogowski writes:

i installed fedora core 1 yesterday on an ASUS based system. the problem is the SCSI card has negotiated the lowest transfers. can anyone help me determine how to bump the speeds back up to the ultra speeds?

Connect the cable to the other 68-pin plug.

On some dual-channel cards, only one channel goes up to 320 MB/s.  The other
channel will max out at 40 MB/s, and is for slow devices (CD-ROM, tape
drives, etc…)

You may find it necessary to limit the card to 160 MB/s.  Right now, if I
try to run mine at 320 MB/s, the kernel blows chunks and fails to boot.

Whether you can, or cannot run the card at 320 MB/s, with the disks
connected to the other plug, put your exact hardware info into bug 115351.

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