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Fedora Bug Day Tomorrow: Feb 25th 2004: Eat bugs before the bugseat you

What: 	Fedora Bug Day: making bugzilla cry uncle
Tomorrow is a general effort to triage Fedora Core bugs, I'm sure there
are some bugs against the fc2 test release that can use a group hug from
community triaging, a hug or a baseball bat in the form of a well
crafted patch. Interested in helping out trying to close bug reports out
or marking them up, show up on the #fedora-bugs irc channel tomorrow,
and get you feet wet in the triage discussions,

And if wading into Fedora Core's bugzilla looking for bugreports to try
to help close, isn't you cup of tea, you might find helping with the
fedora.us addon package QA process is something you want to start
getting involved in. 330+ packages waiting for peer review in the QA que
( http://www.fedora.us/QA ). If you are interested in helping out with
that fedora.us QA effort, but don't really know how to get started, pick
a package in that list you like, and drop in on the irc channel and
hopefully someone an find some time to answer your questions about how
you go about helping out with QA. 

I'm feeling bad about not having enough time to be around last week,
so I have deliberately broken the equipment I'm responsible for at work,
so that I can have enough time tomorrow to shepherd the volunteers for a
Fedora Bug Day.  Well, i didn't really deliberately break the equipment.
It's sort of their fault for tying me to my desk with a critical high
voltage power cable not expecting me to chew through it to get to the
coffee machine. Anyways...
When:   Feb 25th, starting at 14:00 UTC  (09:00 EST),  

Where:  #fedora-bugs channel on freenode irc network

Who:  	Pretty much everyone. If you have a little time to spare, and want to
help make it easier for the developers by helping organize the untamed
sea of bugreports in bugzilla, then triage just might be for you. You
don't need to code(though if you can, patch submissions are always
welcome), you just need a web browser and an account at bugzilla.redhat.
com. An irc client or email client would help too...since you probably
want to try to communicate to the other triagers either on irc on the
fedora-bugs channel at freenode, or in the mailinglist at duke.
Huh: 	No Clue What I'm talking about when I say the phrase Fedora Triage?
Take a quick look at the fedora-triage-list archives:
These messages should hopefully tell you what its all about in more
http://tinyurl.com/ywma3 - Summary of my vision for Fedora Triage
http://tinyurl.com/23alw - My short term goals and long term plan

-jef"tungsten splinters under your finger nails, are not as bad you might think"spaleta

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