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Re: Upgraded to FC2T1

Freddy wrote:

I upgraded from fedora core 1 to core 2 test 2 and so for things have been going ok. The first problem I hit though was, it would not start anaconda with my cisco aironet 350 inserted (this is a laptop). Taking it out allowed me to do the upgrade, which took about 3 hours... Is that normal? The update removed the kernels that came with core 1, but left me my custom compiled kernel, which still boots up fine, except it doesn't start my pcmcia. With the 2.6.1-1.65 kernel that came with it, nothing worked, except 3d, which I was impressed with. I have a Dell Latitude C400 which I am doing this on, and so far so good, core 2 looks pretty cool. I'm trying to update with up2date right now, but it seems to have frozen on "Fetching rpm header: ORBit-devel-0.5.17-11.4" but anyway, it's looking good. I'll try to get everything else to work now...

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I had the same problem, anacoda would bomb out with a sig 11 if there where any pcmcia or cf cards in the laptop, once ananconda had started, I could push the card back in.

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