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Re: where to announce and discuss test updates (Re: Fedora Core 1Test Update)

Hello Bart,

> How about doing the announcements of test updates in fedora-list, to get
> people not following fedora-test-list to try the updates, and ask to
> discuss test results on fedora-test-list?

Announcements on the fedora-lists are fine with me as they might indeed
attract some more attention. But discussing these test updates on that
list I also don't fancy (the amount of traffic there is impressive, I
think about the same amount of posts in three months as the amount of
posts to the redhat-list in a full year).

The idea to have different lists for the different releases or test
phases is not a bad idea either. Not sure about the naming, maybe test
for test current and beta for test beta? Or a separate list for the
different releases, as we might still have test updates for FC1 when FC2
has already been released. Test-FC1, Test-FC2 etc.


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