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Re: where to announce and discuss test updates (Re: Fedora Core 1 Test Update)

Bart Martens said:

> How about doing the announcements of test updates in fedora-list, to get
> people not following fedora-test-list to try the updates, and ask to
> discuss test results on fedora-test-list?

When people insist on posting FC2Test1 things to the Fedora-list now?  I
don't think that will work.

FC1 Updates-testing stuff has been posted to this list since the start and
just now has become a problem?  If you make this list a "test distro
release" only list then it will be dead every time between releases.  I
personally don't see a problem with putting "updates-testing" and "test
distro release" in one list because generally when one is gaining traffic
the other will be waining.  I'd like to think that people testing stuff
are smart enough to read the subject lines and post what release they are
talking about :-)

William Hooper

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