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Re: where to announce and discuss test updates (Re: Fedora Core 1 Test Update)

Bart Martens said:
> On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 14:37, William Hooper wrote:
>> Bart Martens said:
>> > How about doing the announcements of test updates in fedora-list, to
>> get
>> > people not following fedora-test-list to try the updates, and ask to
>> > discuss test results on fedora-test-list?
>> When people insist on posting FC2Test1 things to the Fedora-list now?  I
>> don't think that will work.
> There must be some misunderstanding. I agree with you that FC2 related
> discussions don't belong on fedora-list. With "test updates" I meant
> "candidates for released-updates".

The "ask to discuss test results on fedora-test-list" won't work.  It will
just lead to people saying "my up2date doesn't show that version" and
"this broke my system, I thought Fedora was supposed to be stable!" on the
Fedora-List.  If people are interested in testing they will come to the

Under your plan if they decide to try an updates-testing package, they
have to join the fedora-test-list to discuss it anyway, why not just
announce it where they can discuss it (like it is now).  I for one am
reconsidering my subscription to the Fedora-List, but will most likely
stay subscribed to the Fedora-Test-List.

William Hooper

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