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Re: where to announce and discuss test updates (Re: Fedora Core 1Test Update)

Let me sum up the debate about this:

group A wants the test update notices to be more widely distributed
via other mediums beyond just the test-list. fedora-list was suggested
as an example medium to use for wider notification.

group B thinks fedora-list is pretty much /dev/null, and posting
notices there will only encourage people to discuss things in
fedora-list instead of moving over to fedora-test. Or god

Both groups are right.

Might I suggest that someone approach the community sites like
fedoranews or fedorazine to shepherd something like an rss feed
for the test update notices...or a summary webpage or just the test
update notices. The key idea is to find secondary communication mediums
that are solely informative and not open for feedback. So that all
potential discussion is driven to the fedora-test-list... instead of
falling into secondary feedback forums, where it does no good.
fedora-list, being purely noisy discussion, is probably the best worst
example of the type of secondary feedback forum...no wait...slashdot
would be the best worst example. But wider distribution of the testing
notice texts isn't a completely horrible idea, you just have to avoid
communication channels that encourage feedback anywhere but in the
fedora-test-list or bugzilla.


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