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Re: stange results

On Wednesday 25 February 2004 12:59, Ken Snider wrote:
> Gene C. wrote:
> | I have been rebuilding the updated packages that come out for i386 on my
> | x86_64 platform.  When I do there is usulaly some size differences. 
> | However, when I rebuilt samba-3.0.2-7.FC1.src.rpm the size did not just
> | increase a little, it increased over a factor of 7 ... from around 9.5MB
> | fir the i386 to over 70MB for the x86_64.
> |
> | Is this a bug of some kind?
> It *sounds like*, for one reason or another, the binaries were not
> stripped. running 'file' on the binary should answer that question, as it
> will report "stripped" or "not stripped" accordingly.

OK, it turns out the /usr/bin files such as /usr/bin/smbclient are not 
stripped where they are bigger so this accounts for some of the size 

However, for both version, /usr/lib64/libsmbclient.so is not stripped and the 
size increase from 18MB to 24MB.

OK, since at least some of the problem is not being stripped and this is 
repeatable, I am going to bugzilla this.

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