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Re: system crash

When your system comes up into grub, press e to edit the config. Remove the /rhgb from the kernel line and add "nogui" without the quotes to that line. Press return to save that line change and b to boot from that temporary edit.

I had the same issue and this process worked for me. Since this happened late last night for me, I have not had time to figure out what is happening.

Bartolomeus Irwanto wrote:
May be you can try to boot from Fedora CD and type
'linux rescue' to see what happens in your system.
Hope it helps.


--- Richard Ayer III <rwa1 cec wustl edu> wrote:

I hate to make a post like this, but I'm totally

I've been using FC2T1 since it came out; until now
the only real problem I'd run into was X crashing
due to psaux.
But, today I downloaded kernel version 2.6.3-1.106
as well as about 500 other updates (I had already
downloaded all of the XFree86 updates the day before
and had no problems). But now I cannot boot the
system with any version of the kernel. The X server
starts up, but the screen just turns black with the
'X' cursor. Then I press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to the
login screen, and the system is hanging just after
the step where the swap space is activated/mounted.
So, I can never anywhere near a login prompt to try
to diagnose the problem.  One other thing: when I
downloaded all of those updates, I did it in two
groups; the first group had the kernel updates, all
lib* updates, and I think systembase (something like
that), and the second group was everything else.
When I started up2date for the second group, it
couldn't show the little pictures on the 'forward',
'back', and 'cancel' buttons (the blue arrows and
red X). Then I restarted gkrellm and it said that it
could load some .png files. So I reinstalled libpng
(I think version 1.2.5) and logged out of KDE. The X
server wouldn't start and give me the blue login
screen; so I rebooted, and haven't been able to get
into Linux since.

If anyone sees any of the symptoms I've mentioned or
has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate any help I
can get.

Richard Ayer III

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