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Re: Add/Remove Programs

Bug 116920 (If it matters, it happens in both Gnome and KDE)


On Feb 25, 2004, at 11:12 PM, Bartolomeus Irwanto wrote:

I also have the same problem.

Hello all-

I decided to fire up the Add/Remove Programs
(control panel?) and make
a few changes to my installed programs
configuration.  First of all,
the interface looks GREAT!

That having been said, the program itself does not
appear to work.  I
have tried to install several different packages
(ABI Office, GNU Cash,
OpenSSL) which happen to be located on different
CDs.  After checking
dependencies, the program asks me to insert the
appropriate CD (which I
do), and after scanning the CD, the error message:


Error installing packages

There was an error installing packages.



Pops up... After hitting "OK", the entire program
exits.  This happens
with every program I try to add.  Is there an error
log that I can look
at to troubleshoot/post to bugzilla, relating to the
usage of
Add/Remove programs?

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