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Re: amd64 Fedora Core

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Rob Myers wrote:

>> All RPM packages are built on all 7 architectures, both in Fedora 
>> Core 1, and Fedora Core 2, so from that angle, it doesn't make 
>> any more work than we already have, to produce AMD64 packages.
>> There is some overhead involved with producing updates, but 
>> _only_ if they are AMD64 specific updates.  If they were updates 
>> for x86 anyway, releasing for both x86 and AMD64 shouldn't really 
>> pose additional effort.
>it would be nice if FC1 updates were pushed to the mirrors.  why isn't
>this happening now, if the updates are already being built?  
>will FC1 updates for x86_64 be pushed when FC1 for x86_64 final is

I don't know the answers to those questions unfortunately.  I 
just work here.  ;o)

Mike A. Harris     ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
OS Systems Engineer - XFree86 maintainer - Red Hat

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