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Re: system crash

I would seem that tonight's updates fixed this issue.

Richard Ayer III wrote:
I haven't tried the 'linux rescue' idea yet, but I may if things don't get
resolved some other way.

Well, changing from rhgb to nogui I was able to complete the boot process
and login to the machine. One thing I noticed, X still tries to start up;
but stops with the blue background and a message that some picture of type
png couldn't be read. That's the third time I've seen it complain about png
files. I had downloaded the libpng-1.2.5 source, compiled and installed it
(both before this problem, and again after to try to fix it). I noticed that
it installed to /usr/local/lib, but version 1.1.2 (I believe) is installed
in /usr/lib; could this be causing a conflict that is creating this problem?

Richard Ayer III

-- -=+8()8+=- Rich Thompson http://www.robotthoughts.com perl -e 'print pack("c*",hex "3A",sqrt(2025),(unpack(c,"=")-20),10);'

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