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RE: Fedora Core 2 Test 2 - delayed

Bill (and community),

I might be a little behind the times, feel free to correct me If I am,
however as of June 2002, there was quite a bit of concern over the
SCC-patented type enforcement technology integrated into SELinux.  I,
personally, am interested in security enhancements to linux in
particular as it is an area of study that I find interesting and
something that I work with on a daily basis.

"More recently, in a conversation on the Linux Security Module list, an
employee made a rather different statement:

'SELinux includes Type Enforcement technology developed and patented by
Secure Computing Corporation, who still holds rights to all commercial
of the technology. Before a colo company, or anyone else uses the
technology commercially, it will be necessary to negotiate a license
Secure Computing. If anyone wants to do so, I can help get the ball
rolling with our Legal and BD folks.'"

This is all well and good for the average, enthusiast, Fedora user.
Open source, no problem.  But for those of us using fedora, for example,
on a laptop we personally own but use for both home and work purposes,
does this present a problem?

Have the patent-related issues regarding SCC's IP ("Type Enforcement" -
Trademarked and patented) integrated into SELinux been addressed?

Second, you mention that the plan at present is for the SELinux
integration in test2 to be set to enforcement mode.  How will the
configuration impact functionality of Fedora "server" services?  Is the
default configuration going to be such that services such as BIND, and
so forth governed by the SELinux configuration will be unfettered by the
restrictions?  Is there any chance of some sort of "proposed enforcement
setup" or at least the general outlines of what redhat is looking at
implementing being posted for comment?  Maybe this made it to the dev
list but it might be nice for the test list to get a look at it as well.

Wayne S. Frazee

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Subject: Fedora Core 2 Test 2 - delayed

We're encountering various issues that are causing us to delay
the release of test2. We'd like to get as much exposure to SELinux
as possible, and this means shipping test2 with SELinux in
enforcing mode. However, there are still some subsystems that
aren't quite ready for this, so we need to slide the release
date some.

The *current* projection is that the freeze will be on March 12,
for availability on March 22. This date is only preliminary at
this point, and may change. The schedule at:


will be updated shortly.


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