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Re: Testing test releases: do not update

On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> Rawhide *is* the updates repository.  What is in rawhide *IS*
> what will be in the final OS.

does this mean that a package showing up in rawhide represents a
*commitment* that it will be in the next release (be it test or official)?
surely, there must be the option that, if such a package represents a
complete disaster, RH will back off and revert back to an older, working 
release, no?  but if the newer version was already in rawhide for a while, 
folks will undoubtedly have downloaded it and begun testing it, and 
because of the update process, they're stuck with that newer version until 
the next snapshot.  is that about right?  does this have any sub-optimal
consequences?  just curious.

also, i still think there's a conflict with rawhide being simultaneously:

1) the proposed next release, and
2) the source of really cool, new, bleeding edge stuff

it's not clear that these two categories represent the same thing.  are 
they supposed to?

what happens to rawhide as RH gets close to an official release and
imposes a feature freeze?  at that point, there should only be bug fixes,
not new versions of software, right?  but if that's the case, does that
mean the entire rawhide repo is frozen in terms of new releases as well?

put another way, is rawhide ever allowed to get ahead of what's planned 
for the next release?


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