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Re: Fedora Core 2 Test 2 - delayed

Wayne Frazee kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika perjantai, 27. 
helmikuuta 2004 10:25):
> "More recently, in a conversation on the Linux Security Module 
list, an
> employee made a rather different statement:
> 'SELinux includes Type Enforcement technology developed and 
patented by
> the
> Secure Computing Corporation, who still holds rights to all 
> use
> of the technology. Before a colo company, or anyone else uses 
> technology commercially, it will be necessary to negotiate a 
> with
> Secure Computing. If anyone wants to do so, I can help get the 
> rolling with our Legal and BD folks.'"

>> Have the patent-related issues regarding SCC's IP ("Type
> Enforcement" - Trademarked and patented) integrated into
> SELinux been addressed?

SCC has published a "statement of 
assurance" (http://www.securecomputing.com/pdf/Statement_of_Assurance.pdf)
that says: "Secure Computing will not assert the Subject Patent 
Rights with respect to any use, modification or distribution of 
SELinux software that is permitted by, and is in compliance 
with, the terms and conditions of Version 2 of the GNU General 
Public License (the “GPL”). "

All kinds of commercial use of SELinux is in compiance with GPL, 
so the person claiming that commercial use requires a licence 
has been infected with the SCO virus and doesn't know what he's 
talking about.

	Markku Kolkka
	markku kolkka iki fi

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