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Re: missing "fdomain" module in 2.6.3-1.109 kernel

On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 08:44, shrek-m gmx de wrote:

> >>$ grep CONFIG_SCSI_FUTURE_DOMAIN /boot/config-2.6.3-1.10*
> >>/boot/config-2.6.3-1.100:CONFIG_SCSI_FUTURE_DOMAIN=m
> >>/boot/config-2.6.3-1.106:CONFIG_SCSI_FUTURE_DOMAIN=m
> >>/boot/config-2.6.3-1.109:# CONFIG_SCSI_FUTURE_DOMAIN is not set
> >>
> >>Not built by default anymore.  You'll have to build a custom kernel.
> >- Change a slew of config options to match those in arjanv's kernel.
> >  Lots of "surely no-one is using this anymore" options are now
> >disabled,
> i have  a fdomain scsi-controller (pci) in use for my old 
> hp-streamer,old scanner, ...
> all are ok, working and in use.

Ok, I expected there to be one or two "Hey, I'm using that!"
mails. I've reenabled this for the next build.  It's only
when things disappear that you realise that these things still
have users sometimes 8-)
Although this one was an oversight, and I thought it was an ISA
card for some reason. (Lots of the olde ISA SCSI controllers
got switched off, leaving just the more common ones like Adaptec etc)

Good to hear its working.


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