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Re: Testing test releases: do not update

> It's the same thing with bugzilla.  Bugzilla is *NOT* a tool
> created for end users.  It is a tool created for _developers_,
> and while it is useful for end users also, wherever there is a
> tradeoff in the UI or featureset between bugzilla being more
> beneficial to developers and less so for end users, the 
> developers win hands down, because it was a tool created for 
> developers first and end users second.  I've seen many people 
> over the years suggest various ways that they would like to see 
> bugzilla "improved" to make it easier for them to use.

Well here's one bugzilla change that may benefit both.  I'd be nice to
be able to peruse just the recently filed bugs against FC2 but I haven't
found a way to list bugs submitted later than a certain date.  This is
different than those recently changed.

Also helpful would be a web page listing all bugs filed against FC2
chronologically ... sort of a FC2-bugs-announce page.  Could be done by
adding a mail list that only accepts mail from bugzilla then generate an
email to the list when a new FC2 bug is submitted;

1. Reduce submission of duplicate bugs by making it simpler to see and
search recently filed bugs ... good for developers.

2. Reduce load on bugzilla engine ... good for everyone.

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