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Re: Testing test releases: do not update

Sandy Pond wrote:

> Well here's one bugzilla change that may benefit both.  I'd be 
> nice to be able to peruse just the recently filed bugs against FC2 >
but I haven't found a way to list bugs submitted later than a 
> certain date.  This is different than those recently changed.

bugs created against fc test1 from 2004-02-26 till now...so basically
since yesterday

and similar for fc devel:

Created using...

specifically the fields at the bottom of the page...
Only bugs where any of the fields: [Bug creation]
were changed between: 2004-02-26 and NOW

The one thing i would change..to make this query easier to do
would be to allow the from date to be relative to NOW, instead of
needing to be YYYY-MM-DD. So i can build a canned query that does
this from saying NOW-7days to get a weeks worth of new bugs.
CannedQueries are useful...

just need people willing to create them so they can be easily found.
Oh yeah...and i need a good play to put them so they are easily found.
Other than finding manhours to create them..and finding a place to put
them...they work pretty well.


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