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Re: Multiple Installed Packeages

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 06:51, Christian B. Ellsworth Capo wrote:
> BOB: 
> i ran into the same problem last night in a fedora core1, with
> apt/synaptic and many unstable and testing repositories, and a very
> unlucky power failure in the middle of a massive rpm upgrade.
> rpm throws a message like this for each package(doing this from my
> recent brain memory)
> ERROR: package XXXXXX exists bla bla bla s
> i ran apt-get update
> on the output gaves a list of duplicate pakages...

Greetings All,

Another way to fix it is running synaptic. Update the list and it will
pop up a requester showing all the duplicated packages. Then just search
for those packages and remove the old versions.

YMMV, depending on the number of duplicates. It's not elegant but it
saves time rebuilding the rpm database.
Tom W
Linux Registered User #243493

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