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Re: VMWARE ethernet + sound

Clete Blackwell 2 wrote:
I don't think it really matters what is loaded now, really. Anyways, lsmod
( I think that's the one that checks what modules are loaded ) is not in my
PATH, so what directory is it in?

I didn't actually read these questions until after I posted the solution to your NIC problem in VMware...

Things like 'lsmod' are considered 'priveledged commands' and are in /sbin . Another directory for priveledged commands is /usr/sbin . Normal commands are in /usr/bin or /bin as usual.

A normal user's default path in Fedora does not have /sbin or /usr/sbin .

One way to find the location of commands is either 'which' or 'wheris' . For example 'whereis lsmod'

It says I have some 79c970 [PCnet32 LANCE] card in eth0 (which is the fake card of vmware, but it's not the right one, as it's not working).

The fact it isn't working does not meen it's the wrong driver.. See my other post for solution.

I get this when /etc/init.d/network start ing:

[clete2 localhost init.d]$ su

Try 'su -' . root's path includes /sbin and /usr/sbin . The '-' tells su to load root's environment. 'man su ' for more details.

Cheers, Michael

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